Monday, May 13, 2013

First Visitors

Happy "Put Your Mother to Work Weeding" Day!

My parents came for a visit this weekend - plus their dog, Lucy, and cat, Darla, too.

Lucy (all 8 lbs of her) tried really hard to intimidate Woolly Bully and the cows but she wasn't too successful. They didn't even blink at eye. It didn't help that she was running away in fear while barking...

We got a lot done in the greenhouse. I weeded everything and staked the smaller tomato plants up using bamboo posts. I also finished planting the rest of the row with some pumpkins, eggplant, more tomatoes and a few of the brussels sprouts (just to see how they do). Our landlord cut a big vent in the top of the greenhouse to try and keep the temperature down on hot days so hopefully it won't be quite as extreme as it was this last week.

Nathan built a strawberry tower with five plants going up the length of pvc. Water trickles down through each pot from the top. I'll take pictures of the completed tower tomorrow - it's really cool.

We were admiring our hard work this evening when we heard a funny noise behind us. Ryan was lunging/pouncing at a Garter snake. He didn't quite know what to do with it (kind of like how we think he would make friends with a bunny, if he ever actually got close to one. All he wants to do with the chicks is lick them...). 
We were all interested in the snake.

Dinner time! Quiche with baby greens, ham, spicy sausage, tomatoes, cheddar and parmesan. Yummy.

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  1. We should have stayed for dinner a 3rd night. Another delicious looking meal!