Monday, October 23, 2017

Lambs and Goats and Pumpkins, Oh My

Gabby is 10 months old! What? How?? Yes. 10 months already. This baby is just the happiest, silliest little girl!

Grandma and Grandpa are here visiting since they won't see us for about a month...because in just over 2 weeks we are flying to Australia to visit Molly, Poppy and the rest of Nathan's family. We are so excited and so terrified. Is it possible to entertain a 10 month old baby for a 13 hour flight and then an 8 hour flight? I feel like we'd have better luck entertaining Pippa for that length of time. This baby likes to move - she grumbles if a car ride lasts longer than 10 minutes and when she's playing on the floor she is constantly moving. Up, down, spinning around, crawling... So yes, that's the terrifying part. We are very excited for when we get there, and for our couple of nights in Hong Kong on the way!

I forgot to write in the last blog update that Gabby got sick for the first time in August, just when Nathan's parents first arrived. She had a high fever for a day and just slept and nursed all day. She slept normally that night and seemed fine the next day! Since then she had a cold that lasted only a day and was barely noticeable.

Amelia's daughter had her lamb! She had a little ram lamb born on September 29th. He is very cute and very bouncy - and he tries to mount Pippa all the time. Speaking of that goat, we had the sheep in the front yard the other day (fully fenced away from the house) and we were in the kitchen. All of a sudden our third dog walked into the kitchen...wait...we don't have a third dog...PIPPA! She had jumped through the fence and marched through the front door that Abby had pushed open and into the kitchen. I guess she liked the toasty warm house from the new wood stove :)