Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mid Summer Update

I've been so bad about updating the blog this summer! It isn't for lack of things going on on the farm - but more because busy, busy, busy. Between farm, work, guests, and my fear (for good reason) of wasps, I haven't gone out to take any photos. I finally did take some today. Nathan's parents are here for a month and they've been a huge help around the farm.

Some succulents in the yard

Pond all covered in duck weed - ducks are happy!

My hammock in the perfect spot for farm viewing. 

Blue Copper Marans roo almost all grown up...I just posted him and his brother online to see if anyone wants them before they go to freezer camp. They are pretty but we definitely don't need them to stick around.

I don't like them because they go after my little sick-ly rooster, T-Rex. When all of our chickens went to chicken camp this summer (that is very different from freezer camp), one of the little chicks got sick and was suddenly weak and almost dead one morning. I thought for sure he was a goner but since there were 20+ people hoping he would be ok, we gave him some electrolytes, fruit and mashed up food. He survived overnight and is still here, a month later. The problem is that he is about 1/10 the size of his monstrous brothers and they try to kill him every time they see him. Lil' T-Rex has to be separated from them. He is so cute though! He runs to me and jumps up to sit in my lap...

Pippa is fully integrated into the sheep flock. It's nice because she is happy to be in there with them full time, but then also more than happy to come out and follow us around or nibble at the plants around the pond. 

Thomas is actually pretty gentle with her and she is quick. Here he is giving her a little 'love-shove'. 

Lots and lots of tomatoes! We are putting a few pounds out a day at the stand. 

Victoria is sitting on 13 eggs. She disappeared for 2 nights a month ago and I was really worried, but also knew she must be on a nest. We finally found the next under the hay barn so we moved her up and into a dog crate for the 35 days incubation. Ducklings due to hatch in a week!

The littlest lamb-y (Pippa's bestie). 

These two girls are up to no good...probably looking for chicken poop.

Abby doing her eagle-patrol duty (2 days until she turns 11!):

Ryan is the best at eagle patrol, but it would be nice if he was slightly quieter about it...