Monday, July 9, 2018

18 months!

That's it - I'm taking some of this nap time to sit down and write some of the memorable Gabby 18 month isms and happenings so that I have this to look back on!

Gabby is now most definitely a toddler. In the last few weeks she started saying "yeah" and "nah/naooo" and she answers most questions with the former, and questions to to with bedtime/nap time/vegetables with the latter. She has a long list of words (mama, dada, hi, bye, up, down, Juice, Zozo, Abbyyyyy, Pup pup, Pippa, manana (banana), two, yoyurt, baily (berries), cheese, hand (to hold hands), arm, eye, knee, peeease, more, all done, hep (help), poopoo, Baba (barbara, her favourite doll), Yoyo (Brentwood, her favourite bunny, home, Hello, wawa) and animal sounds, and seems to understand almost everything that we say to her. She says "Hi Mama/Dada/Juice" etc., but hasn't put any other words together. She loves music and singing and fills in the tune of "all day long" when you sing verses of wheels on the bus. She also sings ba ba black sheep on a continuous loop sometimes, and begs you to play her her favourite song (Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys) on your phone. When she comes into the house she yells "Hellooooo!!!" even if nobody is home.

She is now taking 1 nap a day most days, (1.5-2.5 hours) and has been for the last month or so. She sleeps all night every night, from about 7:30-6:30/7. She is such a little monkey and has recently started climbing on everything (the couch, over the edge of the futon, on her little slide). She is generally pretty happy and easy going but she definitely has her moments! Her favourite little test is unfortunately to grab the dogs. She ignores them for the most part but sometimes she gets this look in her eye like "I'm going to do something that I *KNOW* is off limits" and then she goes up to a dog (usually my poor Abby!) and pinches them. I can usually see it coming now and redirect before it happens. She has also started hitting sometimes if she's frustrated. In general though it's easy to work through anything because she's good at answering questions about what she wants (hungry/did you hurt yourself/etc.). She is completely in love with Juice (our cat) and tries to snuggle with her...Juice is more tolerant than pretty much any other cat ever. Gabby eats a LOT but definitely has her food preferences. All dairy/fruit/bread is loved. Veggies are hit or miss. Usually she likes any meat that we make, and some pasta. Rice is left behind on her plate for some reason. She loves scrambled eggs with cheese (usually). Her biggest meal is her giant bowl of oatmeal with fruit and yoghurt at breakfast. She is really good about saying all done before any kind of throwing/dropping food, except for today when I caught her sneaking bits of chicken to Kevin under the table. She is still nursing about 3 times a day, sometimes 4. Morning, before nap(s) and before bed.

Gabby has had a few colds but (knock on wood) the only worse illness so far was hand food and mouth last month. She had some cranky feverish days and lost her appetite, and woke up one night upset and wanting milk. She also got the telltale rash on her feet. Luckily, though, it didn't hit her too hard and she was better in a few days.

Some more month by month of what we've been up to in the last 6 months:

-I started back at work (Sundays and Tuesday evenings right now)
-We got a puppy!!! Kevin the border collie x whippet joined the family at 11 weeks old. He is such a funny guy and we all love our Pup pup.
-Oprah had twin lambs (1 girl 1 boy)
-Gabby started walking all over the farm holding my hand

-Not too was cold
-Jess, Erika and Loic and Maelle visited for the weekend
-Gabby started walking all over without needed to hold a hand for support

-Had a fun trip to the mainland
-Gabby finally started saying Mama instead of just Dada!!!

-Went to LA with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Lisa

-Molly and Poppy came to visit for 3 weeks!

-We had lots of visitors - Auntie Ffion, Paula Ross and Bailey, Kristi, Lisa and baby Asher
-Had surprise twin lambs born - so cute! Another boy and girl.
-Got 3 pigs
-Went to LA with Erika, Loic and Maelle
-Gabby started full speed running

The farm is going well considering how busy we are! We have about 30 laying hens, 4 ducks, 3 pigs, Pippa and 6 sheep (2 ewes and their 4 lambs). The garden is full and right now we are in full berry season (yum!). Gabby loves going outside to pick berries (none of them make it into a bucket..).

Ok there is a lot more to write but I'm going to wrap this up with some photos before Gabby wakes up!