Monday, December 5, 2016

The Countdown is On

Approximately 10 days left until everything changes!

Better get some photos of the farm on the blog before it becomes a whole lot busier around here. We are pretty excited!

Ok, that one is maybe not so excited to have a tiny human around...but she is certainly happy to make cozy couch nests at every opportunity. 

I took Abby back to the vet this week to have her blood rechecked after her kidney failure diagnosis in July. I had my fingers crossed that her kidneys hadn't gotten any worse. Much to my (and the vet's) surprise...her blood results were perfect. Kidneys do not heal themselves! It is very strange, and the only real explanation is that something odd was going on with the results in July. Still waiting for more info from the vet after she calls the pathologist, but I'm feeling pretty happy about my 12 year old Abigail's sudden excellent blood results!

We woke up to a white blanket over the farm this morning.

Our little snowy flock. Those are Amelia's twin ewe lambs that were born October 20th (ish! Should probably have written that down...). We could tell that Amelia was close to lambing in the next few weeks and then, in Amelia style, we went outside to do chores and two little lambs were up and nursing!

So cute and curly!

The rare ginger bearded snow goat..

And the rare snow hunting Juice cat:

Our chores are minimal right now which is perfect. We just have the chickens, ducks and sheep and it only takes about 10 minutes morning and evening to feed and lock in/let out. The nursery is all finished and we've cleaned and organized the whole house. I think we're about as ready as any soon to be parents can be (as in...we have no idea what we're in for!!).