Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Saddest News

Ryan isn't going to be around very much longer.

This week, Abby was diagnosed with kidney disease. I had brought her to the vet after she peed in her bed, and was devastated by the news that her kidneys are failing.

I had been planning on bringing Ryan in for a 'senior' exam after his 9th birthday in March. When Abby's blood results came back, I decided to bring Ryan right away 'just in case'. He has been slowing down a bit, and last week I noticed that his stomach felt a bit hard/bloated even when empty. He had been sleeping in the hall occasionally, and panting and drinking more frequently. When the vet walked in the room to take a look at him, I was suddenly filled with dread. I looked at Ryan and suddenly knew there was something sinister going on. I don't know why it took until that moment for me to know. After xrays and then an ultrasound, we received the horrible news that he has multiple masses on his spleen and his liver. It's most likely hemangiosarcoma. How can history repeat itself like this? Sam died of hemangiosarcoma 11 years ago. I never thought I'd be repeating it with my Ryan.

He is ok today. We went to the beach and the river yesterday, and for a walk on the docks today. At least I can provide him with his biggest love - food - easily. I've been feeding him non stop and his appetite is still great. Cheeseburgers, cheesy buns, salmon, steak...he's getting it all.

It's incredibly difficult getting such bad news about both of my amazing dogs. My nutty mutts.... I feel ok about Abby. She is acting pretty peppy and I'm really hoping that she can live awhile with her diet managed. I'm making her all kinds of 'kidney friendly' meals that she is loving. Maybe she got sick to try and tell me to take her little brother to the vet.

My Ryan... I keep seeing him stumble out of his crate at the airport the moment I met him, and go rolling around in the grass. He was the happiest from day 1. I couldn't have ever asked for a better boy.