Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Visitors and Residents

We have new additions to the farm  - some temporary and some permanent! I went to the mainland for a dog training seminar last weekend, and came back with more than I bargained for... 

I had set up my car to bring back Erika's 2 ducks to duck-sit for a month but I hadn't set it up for this!

Sheep in a station wagon! My friend who has a farm on the mainland happened to send me a message just as I was heading over on the ferry asking if I knew anyone who wanted some Dorper x St Croix ewes that were about a year and a half old. She has a major coyote problem and can't even let her sheep out to graze in the middle of the day without coyotes coming for them. After a final lamb death (they had been killing ewes, too!) she decided that it would be better to find the sheep a new home. 

Ducks in a crate, tarp the back for the sheep and sure, why not bring a few sheep home with me? It's only 5 hours door to door. Oh and did I mention that Abby and Zoey were with me, too?

Oh, hai! We didn't pee into your car upholstery - not us!

The ducks were all a-flutter with the new pair in the mix. They got chased at first, then there was some one-upping between the two drakes. 

Then, the best part; Victoria rushed over to them and started making her cooing mamma duck sounds. The two seemed to recognize her right away and pushed up against her like they did when they were ducklings! I wonder how long ducks remember their offspring (and vice versa) for??

Sheep grazing under the watchful eye of the dogs. Ryan is actually willing that ewe away from his coveted piece of squash.... what a sheep dog...

Just gimme the word and I'll be on that squash like butter...

Abby's reaction to new sheep is pretty standard. Lunge, snarl, act tough, repeat, walk away like nothing happened. 

Then, take out frustration on nearest dog.

Sigh. Little sister problems. Always carry a stick-y just in case. 

The ducks all seemed to be getting along but then when it came time to put them away last night, it was a serious struggle. By the time I got home after work, Nathan had gotten all but 2 in. We caught our young (still nameless!) drake but the girl he was loitering with leapt into the pond before we could catch her. We tried two more times but she was intent on perching on one branch that is sticking out of the water right in the middle of the pond. We crossed our fingers that she'd be ok and went to bed. 

"Don't hate the player, hate the game! We were just talking.... "

I went out this morning with my camera to get some photos of the pretty frost while I did the chores. I was a bit worried since I hadn't seen the duck anywhere yet. 

I didn't even notice when I took this photo...

Duck! You silly frosty duck. She was waiting for everyone else to be let out. See how full the pond is?? That was fast.

Ducks are so funny with routine. I guess all of the animals are, but it's more noticeable with the perfect line of ducks walking to the feed and water in the morning, and then flapping/flying/running back to the pond for an after breakfast (chilly!) dip.

Monday, November 9, 2015