Monday, September 7, 2015

Watching and waiting

Good luck finding Zoey outside without either a stick or a pinecone in her mouth...she picks up something to hold whenever she watches something exciting.

Abby pretends to see absolutely no Zoey anywhere...

But Zoey finds watching Abby fascinating. Maybe Abby will RUN!

Saul has been hen-pecked! His neck feathers have been worked by his ladies and now he is down to just 1 lone tail feather. 

Silver with his "what are you doing over here" mohawk/hackles.

Nom nom nom we love our green hay!

I've been letting Zoey do a little bit of sheep herding now that she has started to show interest. Pippa doesn't count as a sheep, according to both her and Zoey. She follows Zoey while Zoey tries to herd the sheep!

Abby is such a beautiful foxy girl.

Watching, watching....somebody move!

These pigs are huge!!! They've turned the field into a mud playground for their enjoyment.