Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So it's spring now...

 In other parts of the country there are snow storms and we have...spring! Plants are confused, animals are confused, we're confused. I'm going with it! 

We let the chicks out when we're outside to supervise. They have a great time running around.
First tentative steps outside...

And they're off! Look at GoZ on the right...Frost is on the left. They're the only ones with names so far.

Miss DoZ and her big booty.

Ducks are so funny. They're very curious about everything we do. A few days ago I opened the front door and they were making their way up the steps. They were probably on their way up to complain about something or not tasty enough, too many chickens, dock too far away...

3 amigos.

Green grass! So nice to see you again.

Rye is taking off.

 The swamp that became a puddle that became a pond that became a lake....

What are you guys watching so cautiously?


Farm life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wood chip farm

Well, after that gorgeous sunny weekend it rained non stop for over a week. It is hard to be motivated to go work outside when you get soaked and cold in a few minutes. We did chop a 3rd tree down (we have 5 to cut down along the back fence - we are putting garden beds with fruit trees and some berries there instead). Nathan also shovelled loads and loads of wood chips and made our back deck area look great!  

Even the turkey barn was improved by a little wood chip garden bed. We are in the process of predator-proofing it so that it will be a safe turkey house. Unfortunately, Nathan shovelled so many loads of wood chips that his arm got completely swollen with something (according to google) called "intersection syndrome". 


Finally, the sun came out yesterday and we got to work pruning our fruit trees, landscape fabric covering and mulching the raspberry bed (grass likes to try and take it over) and letting the sheep out to graze in the driveway. Phillip was leaping straight up in the air over and over...but it was impossible to catch on camera!

Farm dogs hiding from the rain last week (and looking for rats):

Farm dog retired for the evening with her essentials (on her orthopedic bed by the fire): tiny piece of a stuffy, a dirty sock, bone collection, favourite squeaky stick, old ratty rope, and mega kong. Surround yourself with things you love!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Sun!

I had three sunny days off last week and I had a great time while my mom visited (my dad and sister came on Friday for the weekend and got rain!).

Zoey was so tired after playing with Lucy that she fell asleep with a bone in her mouth..

We got a big truckload of wood chips delivered by a tree/landscaping company. They delivered them by donation to an animal rescue. Win win situation! We get much needed mulch, they get rid of their unwanted chips.

I covered the area around the garden beds, and Nathan added some more yesterday.

Dogs love wood chip piles!

Chickens love that I had to use the compost covering tarp for under the wood chips...time to look for worms!

I brought the chicks out of the coop and out from under the heat lamp for some natural heat. They loved it! Look at GOZ on the bottom right...

(yep, that's Grandson/daughter of Zebra Head!)

Lil' Phillip...

I redid the farm stand! It needs a bit more paint, but almost done! 

It is really nice to have Nathan back home again. I managed while he was away, and luckily everything went smoothly, but it is hard work running our little farm (and working 2 jobs!). When I got home after dark last week, the chicken coop door had blown shut and none of the chickens could get in to go to bed. They were all huddled around the coop on various fences, posts and beams. Saul had taken 3 ladies with him into the old turkey coop (smart guy) and I was panicking trying to find them. Luckily, I got everyone in to bed before owls, mink and raccoon started hunting for the night. Living where there are always so many predators makes getting everyone in to the coop in the evening imperative... definitely easier having one of us home as it starts to get dark! Plus, having Nathan around in general is pretty nice, too ;)