Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chickens on the Run

Yesterday we had just gotten back from a beautiful hike along a creek near the house and were making strawberry smoothies when the neighbour walked past the kitchen window with Denise under his arm. All four chickens, he said, were happily dust bathing under his front steps. Oops - escaping chickens again! The neighbours were really nice about it (they were trying to train their Australian Shepherd to ignore the chickens) but obviously the chickens need to stay on this side of the fence! When we first moved in we made the farm gate look a lot nicer by taking off all these bits of "useless" chicken wire that were attached to it. We've now realized that the wire was probably there for a reason...I covered the gap under the fence again and that kept them on the farm all afternoon. They have 15 acres to scratch around on - why they are trying so hard to go to the neighbour's house is beyond me! 

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  1. grass in always greener on the other side of the fence