Monday, May 20, 2013

Farm Guests

We had a long weekend full of visitors. First we had Erika and adorable Maelle come stay with us. Maelle is such a great baby - she was happy the whole time she was here and she didn't have any trouble sleeping in a new place.

What were they watching??

 Then we had Emma and her dogs, 7 and Odd, visit for the day. Odd thought the chickens were new friends for her. She tried to get them to play with her (until they started charging her).

7 was more into staring at the chickens while vibrating slightly, waiting for his chance to get in there with them (he never got his chance).

Ever since we started letting the chicks free range, they don't listen to their "recall bell" anymore and they don't seem to have all that much interest in us, except when we're refilling their food. They really are teenagers. Tonight when I lifted the last little (not really so little, anymore) rooster up to put him in the coop he grabbed my finger and gave it a good shake! 

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