Monday, April 1, 2013

Crunch Time

I can't believe we move in 3 days! March has gone by so fast.

The chicks are a lot of fun to watch. Because I've never really been around chickens, everything they do is interesting to me - scratching around with their feet to look for food, wiping their beaks off, grabbing worms from your hand and taking off at full speed with them (it looks like chick tag football)...I like how they stretch their legs so carefully after they wake up and how they sometimes fall over on their sides because they get so tired, and then just go to sleep like that. 

I've been offering them tiny bits of sunflower seeds with grit once a day for treats and today I started associating that with a bell. Step one of chicken recall! It's all an experiment, really, so we'll see what happens.

The meat birds are growing way faster than the egg birds already. Little black one with the yellow face is my favourite - she (please!) sits on my hand all the time and falls asleep there.

Gulping down the worm treasure in the corner.

Gaining weight quickly!

Smallest next to biggest.

This adventure is going to turn us into vegetarians...good thing they don't stay this cute for long.

 The seedlings are all looking good - I've been putting the tomatoes, melons, kale and broccoli out in the sun for the past few beautiful days. The broccoli leaves got a little sun burnt..or else affected by the cold or the recent transplanting to bigger pots. They have some whitish spots on them but I think they'll recover. Five cucumbers sprouted and so did five 'gold nugget' tomatoes and two eggplants. Oh, and the parsley. Still waiting on thyme and sage and the rest of the eggplants. I fertilized the bigger seedlings today for the first time with a seaweed fertilizer. They were looking a little droopy and since they're still in the original seed starting soil I thought it couldn't hurt. We're going to have an intense few weeks of planting ahead of us! 

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