Saturday, March 30, 2013

Taming Chicks

The chicks are growing so fast! They already have some feathers on their wings. I really want them to be tame - easy to pick up and call -  and to not be afraid of people at all. I've been picking each of them up a few times a day and holding them until they fall asleep (pretty much as soon as I pick them up) and then putting them back in the brooder. When I put them back they usually stand on my hand for a few seconds before hopping down. I also put my hand inside with their chick food on it and they go nuts for it - even though it's in the feeder 6" away...funny chicks. They push each other around to try and be the one who jumps up and sits on my hand. The two little black guys are still much smaller than the rest so they get pushed back all the time. Tiger head (the stripey one) pinches my hand when she (I'll just call them all 'she' until we know better...) eats off of it. They all go into a frenzy eating off of my hand and then they all fall fast asleep right afterwards. I gave them some grit to try yesterday and today (they went crazy jumping in and out of the container) and some yoghurt from my hand, too. They didn't like that at first and then suddenly they all wanted it.

Lots of poop...just about to change the bedding.

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