Sunday, March 10, 2013

Planning, Planning

The seeds are doing so well that I've now diverted my focus to the other parts of this adventure that need to be planned: house stuff and farm animals!

The house planning is coming along well. We've got a bed, coffee table, dining room table and chairs, TV stand, dresser, kitchen stuff and bathroom stuff. I think the only thing we still need is a couch - I've found a few people on CL who are willing to keep their couch (with a deposit) until we move on April 4th so that makes things easier.

As far as animals go, we definitely want to start with chickens. I think 10 chickens is good - 4 for eggs and 6 for meat, to start. We'll go with a dual purpose chicken. There is an old playhouse on the property that would be perfect as a chicken coop. It just needs some nest boxes and roosts and then it should be good to go.

And now I'm researching other animals...goats? sheep? rabbits? It will probably just be chickens for awhile but it's fun to think about...

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