Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ready to Plant (and 2 new chicks)

 Another busy day today! 

The poultry swap turned out to be a handful of trucks in a parking lot with some chickens, rabbits and ducks. It wasn't too exciting...but we did come back with 2 Rhode Island Red cross chicks that were born April 4th. They are supposed to be sex linked, so a 97% chance of being hens. I don't really understand the 97% part - I'll have to google that. They seem to have fit in with the other chicks. We gave them all worms from the garden this afternoon and the little ones were right in there stealing bits of worms and running away to eat them. 

When we got back we got to work in the greenhouse. First I unrolled the row covers

and raked through and watered the soil. It needs some compost on top before we plant in it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Nathan installed the drip irrigation. He dug a trench across the greenhouse for the main hose since the pump is on the opposite side from our beds.

There will be 6 lines of drip hoses. The two that aren't in yet will be longer and will go right out the back of the greenhouse to water our outside garden bed.

This is what we started with for the outside bed.

We moved it into place behind the greenhouse and Nathan screwed it all back together and levelled it. I recycled some of our moving boxes to cover the grass under the bed.

We then spent the next half hour filling the bed with soil from piles near it. All it needs now is some compost on the top and it should be good for planting tomorrow! It will have peas, lettuce, arugula, kale and spinach. 

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