Saturday, April 27, 2013

Greenhouse Update

Everything's growing really well (including the weeds).

Clump of oregano (I couldn't bring myself to thin it)

Mulched tomatoes - these are the first ones I started, back at the beginning of March. They're "Sweet Million" cherry tomatoes and they're already about 8" tall.


Kale - it's at the end of the greenhouse where it should be cooler. It's doing much better than the kale outside, a few feet away.


We went on a mission today to find a bigger pump for the aquaponics. The volume of the grow beds has to be about the same volume as the fish tank for the filtering/cycling effect of the system to work properly (plus it's nice to have more grow beds) so a bigger pump was needed to supply water to three beds. We finally found one at a pet/pond supply store.

We're going to pick up 50 Tilapia tomorrow! 

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  1. Everything looks so healthy. Soon you'll be able to make kale salad!