Sunday, April 14, 2013


We got the playhouse-coop done! Well, almost. We just have to attach the first 'level' of mesh to the second one, and attach the top netting to the mesh. Oh, and make a door.

We also got started on the hutch-coop today. It shouldn't take too much more work before it's ready for the 4 laying hens that we can pick up tomorrow. I'm trying to figure out what kind of material to put on the floors of the coops - it sounds like straw, pine shavings and sand all have their pros and cons.

The chicks are still sniffling but original sick-y sounds better so hopefully they'll all get through it. Zebra Head sounds the worst right now.

Yesterday after we finished mulching we went and picked up Nathan's aquaponics tank from the hatchery. They gave us 3 smaller tanks too - they were so nice to give them to us! Today we got the rest of the supplies (clay for the growing medium, a shelving unit, polypipe, etc.) - just need some fish!

The new tank and the bathtub.

None of the seeds that we planted outside or in the greenhouse seem to have germinated yet...but the seedlings all look good. They seem to be doing ok even though it's been getting down to 3 degrees at night.

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