Sunday, March 13, 2016

If you don't hear from us...'s because we are completely underwater.

Ok, not quite - but getting there.

Happy dogs love playing in the shallow part of the flooded pond!

The problem here is that our pond has no outflow area. It is the lowest point of our property...and it's lower than the road (and no ditch next to the road). So we aren't quite sure what to do about that, other than adding a ton of fill or making a huge bank. Even with a high bank, the water will likely flood the 'dry' side since it comes down from everywhere else on the property. 

Hopefully some willows will grow and eventually help...

The ducks really love their swim up/waterfront property. Duck-erty value has skyrocketed this year ;)

We're going to try some swales along the edges of our paddocks to help with water retention and flooding.

We finally built a fence in this back area! The project was put on hold the day of my wasp anaphylaxis. This is where we were clearing when it happened and it just got left in a semi-finished state (it didn't look this bad - this is mid-project). 

Fence posts in (dug and cemented in). 

Fence complete! We're finishing up the stairs up the hillside here, too. 

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