Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Enjoying the sunny days

We also enjoy the rainy days...but not quite as much - although we have gotten a ton of indoor projects done over this past year! So that we can remember (this is since last Feb):

-redid floors
-painted cabinets
-finished painting trim
-started wood countertop
-new kitchen faucet
-built dog bowl holders
-new dishwasher hoses 
-plumber replaced all the old plumbing under the sink

-redid floors (due to dishwasher flooding due to rat-chewed -ick-lines)
-new shower head
-plumber replaced bathroom plumbing and re-seated toilet

Living room:
-painted walls grey
-painted trim
-'pinterested' the coffee table and tv stand
-cut up the couches and made them into a sectional..
-turned upright bookshelf into back-of-couch bookshelf
-made wooden dog bed holder
-stained crates for wall decoration
-new TV

-painted old desk (needs replacing)
-temporary floors (also need replacing)

-painted grey and wainscotting along bottom
-painted all doors and trim white (was dark particle board)
-painted hall closet and put a shelf in for linens
-redid front closet

Guest room:
-painted walls and trim

-made a bed frame for our high bed
-redid closet
-painted armoir and crate bedside 'tables'

-painted cinderblock walls and cement floor

Basement room 1:
-foam puzzle floors 
-organized shelves/storage

Phew! No wonder we like to rest in the sun sometimes

Such a nice view on this hike!

7 week old incubator chicks exploring for the first time outside:

They are in an xpen in the coop next to the 3 week old chicks from the next 'batch'. When we're around we let them out. The 3 week old chicks took off exploring the first time (it was hard to get them back in!) but the older chicks barely left. Maybe they develop some 'stay close to the coop' survival instincts between 3-7 weeks? 

Clarice and Squishy, the 2 oldest gals. Pushing 3 this year!

Dogs watching over our sheep while they graze in the neighbours' field (Ryan, you're facing the wrong way...)

3 amigos:

Seedlings house very close to complete! We've got some cilantro, kale, broccoli and cabbage seeds planted in there.

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