Saturday, April 2, 2016

Summer already?

My friend Ffion has been visiting for the last few weeks and we've been so busy showing her the best of the island and working on farm projects that I haven't been taking photos! 

A few days ago we went on a mini road trip that included this beautiful lake stop:

The last week has been amazing weather - tank tops and shorts already! Last night we had bbq'd pork while Pippa weed whacked. We are still debating whether she is pregnant. Sometimes she looks big...and other times she doesn't at all. She's a mystery, that Pipsqueak!

The grass is starting to take off and we are just at that tenuous time between running completely out of hay for the sheep and having enough grass that they don't need any hay. Today was the first day they didn't have any hay at all (the last week or so they've had maybe 4 flakes between the 10 of them, and lots of grazing). If we could leave them down on the neighbour's field, they certainly wouldn't need any hay - but they continually end up on the neighbour's lawn and right by the road! They go through the crappy barbed wire fence easily. Today we finally set up some of our electro-netting. We shall see if that contains them...

Today Ffion and I revamped the deck! It is a bug-free oasis (and the netting can be tied up during the day). 

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