Friday, June 28, 2013

Gimme Shelter

Some photos of our locally produced dinner:

Last night's wraps had tomatoes, too. They're delicious - so sweet.

Nathan built the sheep a shelter to replace the temporary tarp that I'd put up. He claimed that it would be "at least twice as wide" as the current shelter.


He made it all nice and cozy for them by taking a non-proverbial roll in the bedding hay.

The sheep were very suspicious at first, but this morning they were all lying down in their new shelter.

New ewe still needs a name! We should probably come up with one today before our big group of weekend guests arrive...we don't want to end up with another "Ewean" or "Eweniqua" situation.

Ewean, who was originally the shyer lamb, now comes running over to me for scratches. 

Another day, another dead fish. We don't know what's going on; the water tests are all normal. 
This little guy survived in the quarantine bucket for another few hours after I found him on his side.

Ryan is still being weird. He has tried to climb into bed with us the last two nights (he never does that), and lies there panting, then runs off to sleep in his crate. He wants to be touching me at all times - including trying to climb through the greenhouse beds to sit against my legs. When I tried to get him to go outside before bed last night he jumped on Nathan's lap, shoved his head under Nathan's chin and hid.  He's eating normally and is full of energy. He got shocked by the fence two days ago - maybe it really freaked him out...or scrambled his brain.

He never puts himself under the covers. 


  1. Maybe Lucy needs to visit again to sort Ryan out!

  2. Poor Ryan!! Very odd and worrying...

    RE fish--that photo makes it appear that the fish has some cloudy/excess of/or loss of mucous in those patches. Unless he's got just varying pigment patches like some tilapia do. Can you clarify? I would suspect external parasites. Need to examine and or do a skin scrape and look under microscope, any fresh morts get to vet clinic asap or do a gill biopsy and put on slide with saline and coverslip (only one filament thick and no rakers included or you can't squish the coverslip down) and look for gill parasites. Any difficulty breathing? Without diagnostics you are pretty much limited to shotgun treatments.