Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Your Man

I'm not sure if he chose them or if they chose him, but either way, Buff seems to be the man for Denise, Dorothy, Clucker and Specks. I was hoping they'd be more into Zebra Head but he is young and lazy and shows no interest in the ladies. Yesterday Buff hung out with Mother Clucker all day ... she walked around in front of him ducking every so often but he was oblivious. Today, though, I saw definite chicken action. You know you're new to farming when you can barely text the words "BUFF AND CLUCKER GOT IT ON!" to your boyfriend because you're so excited by the turn of events. I want Clucker to hatch some eggs! Except that would mean less eggs for us...hmm. 

It would also mean less eggs for our farm stand customers! All three of them. That's right, the farm stand had some minor success yesterday and today. Yesterday we sold the eggs (with only 4/day right now, it takes us awhile to collect a dozen without eating them or baking with them) and some lettuce. None of the herbs sold, though, including beautiful big bunches of basil (try saying that 3 times fast). Today I switched up the marketing. I took the leaves off the stems, bagged them and put them with this sign:

It seems to have worked! One bag gone so far, along with some more lettuce, kale and a brownie (oh yeah, I made brownies last night to attract people to the stand. Organic produce and brownies - perfect combination).

Baby bell pepper:

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