Monday, August 19, 2013

Planet Farm

We outdid ourselves with visitors this weekend - 3 different sets in 3 days! We hiked, had bbqs, swam in the river, went to an unexpectedly big party at our neighbours' house (who knew that our town had a real live jazz/blues band!?), ate pizza at a cidery, had a few campfires in our new auction-won firepit and taught two very awesome kids all about cloacas and ram testicles. 

I never had a chance to take any photos, so these are all courtesy of Jeff and Billy.

Planet Farm

Zebra Head announcing that it's mid morning..or maybe midday...early afternoon...late afternoon..

Bella holding Speckles. We had to perform bumblefoot surgery on Specks since it seemed like I didn't get the infected 'plug' out the first time. This time we got a bunch of hardened gunk out so hopefully her foot will heal now.

Charlie and Skyler T. Those are blackberries in the food dish that the girls picked for the chicks.

Ryan bringing the sheep over so that we could feed them. There are 4 new horses here that are boarding in the sheep paddock. They're really sweet but they're making it hard to take care of the sheep. They push the sheep out of the way when I want to check eyes/feet and crowd the fence for any treats I have. I'm hoping we can put them in a different paddock soon or else divide the current field in two sections.

The new horses - I don't know their names yet.

Sam is also new to the farm. He's the biggest horse I've ever seen in my life.

Jax wasn't sure what to make of the farm animals. Here is he learning to ignore chickens.

We wanted Little Brown to come teach Jax a lesson when he barked at the chickens. She chases Abby and grabs bits of Abby's hair, if she can. She wouldn't do it to Jax.

I'd better go pick some tomatoes. We skipped a few mornings and there are so many ripe every day now!

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