Monday, January 16, 2017

Four weeks!

How has it already and only been 4 weeks?? We are loving our new life with Gabby!

Still a layer of snow/ice covering the farm...melt, please!! Another photo of us all bundled up...going to be the only outdoor baby photos for awhile!

Zoey looking depressed that baby play time is happening before dog play time today.

Haven't seen any 'real' smiles yet, but lots of sleep smiles!

I was brave last week and I took Gabby to meet a bunch of our mainland friends. I managed to time all of the feeding so that there was never a hangry baby in the car seat - high five for me! (And for a baby who falls asleep in the car!).

Loic and Maelle were so sweet and cute with her! It was kind of surreal that 'my' baby Lolo (the first baby I was around all the time!) was holding my real baby!

First story time with Bailey! 9 months apart is a lot at this age.

Abby says enough baby photos now, time for farm running please!

So frozen out there on the pond that we could cut a bunch of branches on the far side that we've never been able to get to before.

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