Thursday, March 20, 2014


The ewes and the goats are now friends - after the initial period of not seeming to like each other, they now hang out all the time. The only difference is that the sheep are too pregnant to fit through the gates, and the goats can go pretty much everywhere on the farm (fences don't stop Maggie and May!). Sometimes they graze with the ewes, sometimes they hang out with the chickens...and a lot of times, recently, May has been spending time with Thomas. She seems to be flirting with him...she leaps all around him and head butts him gently. Thomas (luckily) is way too slow to even try and ram her. 

Zoey is slowly learning the ropes of being a farm dog. She still tries to chase the chickens sometimes but mostly she just wants to stalk the other dogs. 

She is 12 weeks old now and all legs!  Abby is teaching her the fine art of mulch pile digging.


Between the (giant!) broiler chicks (500g at 2 weeks!), the seedlings and all of the regular chores we've been busy! 

So many tomatoes...

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